About Me


Alexander Carlson

I am a native Oregonian where I've lived all my life in admiration of the beautiful Pacific Northwest . As a child, I was perpetually fascinated with electric circuits, computers, and music. I naturally combined these interests into my life-long hobby composing electronic music.

My education began with homeschooling for all of my gradeschool years until, at the age of 16, I became a stone fabrication apprentice, and over the course of the following 5 years, I learned to operate a computer-automated edge profiling machine and bridge saw, as well as a handful of other more hands-on stone fabrication tools such as angle-grinders, routers, and pneumatic wet polishers. As a stone fabricator, I was involved in many areas of the business including measurements, material selection, fabrication, installation, and customer support. Throughout those 5 years, I worked on hundreds of unique projects including kitchen countertops, vanities, tiled showers and floors, and other highly custom projects like stone sculptures.

During my time as a stone fabricator, I attended college part-time studying Business Administration where I learned many valuable business fundamentals. At that time, I was becoming more interested in the tech world and susceptible to the contagious energy surrounding so many new ideas and business models. This was the experience on which I pivoted into the software engineering field. After 5 years of working as a stone fabricator, I returned to my life-long passion for technology and went to school studying software engineering.

The past 4 years have been a blast for me. Despite the tougher courseload at Oregon Tech, I was instantly more engaged, doing better work, and rapidly discovering that software engineering is the right field for me. I enjoyed the hands-on process of stone fabrication, and I have the same rewarding experience with software development. The process of selecting the right materials, the right tools, and the right approach, before finally building something I can be proud to refine and polish is something I enjoy doing every day.

BSc - Software Engineering Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology 2016